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DreamHost Best Working Coupon Codes

DreamHost prices are great, their service is outstanding and good for both small and big sites. Something more incredible is that even with all these qualities, they offer some amazing discounts. Here is a list of the best working coupon codes for DreamHost.

TJHD777 – This is the best offer I found. $95 off on yearly plans, what means you pay only $24.40 for one year of hosting. It is less than $2.04 per month!

SECRET23 – Free lifetime domain registration plus $75 off on yearly plans.

DISCPACK7 – Free lifetime domain registration, free lifetime unique IP address plus $45 off on yearly plans.

MON7HLY – DreamHost charges a $50 setup fee for monthly plans. With this discount code, the $50 setup fee for monthly plans is waived.

Remember that promo discount codes are valid for new customers only.

I will keep this DreamHost discount codes list updated and will include new coupons if I find an offer better than the listed above. Happy savings!