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Knowing Your Customer

Most of people think the relationship with the client doesn’t extent beyond the point of doing business with them but, in fact, it goes beyond it.

Think about yourself: don’t you like talking about your expertise, or sharing knowledge? It happens with everybody, even with your customers. Try to start a friendly conversation about something not related to your business, and you’ll notice your clients will be eager to join you.

Doing this, you will be able to get to know your clients and find important information about them so, you can determine what are their needs and sell them your services or products showing how they adapt for their needs and what is ideal for them. There is another strong point of doing this: you are strengthening your relationship with your customers.

You don’t have to invite a customer to a dinner, just know his name and what are their needs. When the client comes back, he will be thrilled if you address him by his name and ask about what he told you before – he will be happy to give you even more information.

Trust is built when you do it, and clients will be way more likely to do business wih you. It will give your customers a comfort level, they will tell their friends with word of mouth and you will sell more. Try it, you have nothing to loose!