I am Giving Away Money

First of all, I want you to know that I haven’t lost my mind.

I just want to tell you about a new promotion I am running.

I am giving away my new book that teaches how to easily earn over $100 online (yeah, for free!), and I am paying you $0.50 for each of your referrals who download it.

There is nothing to be sold. Your referrals should only download the free ebook, and you get paid $0.50.

AskĀ  yourself: do you really take every easy chance to improve your finances, or you do nothing but complain that you want to earn more money?

If you never made a cent online, here is a quick and easy way to make money. If you are already experienced and want some extra cash by selling nothing, this is also for you.

The top 5 affiliates with the best performance will earn prizes!

But it will not be forever. The promotion will start on July 11, 2010 and will end on July 31st, 2010. It will be hot, it will be easy and it will generate a lot of money.

Click here to sign up or for more information.

Get ready to make some easy money.

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14 thoughts on “I am Giving Away Money”

  1. Great ebook! It’s simple & straight to the point. Excellent marketing idea as well for getting it to go viral! I really appreciate and enjoy your blog!

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  2. Frank,

    I will send a link to check the total number of subscribers at the end of the contest. Right now as I write you this reply you have exactly 109 active subscribers and you are less than 50 subscribers away from #1.

    Thanks for being part of this :)

  3. Hell John. My name is Carl. I need your help, badly. I’m 56 and been out of work, for 3 months now. Applied for about 30 jobs and nobody calling. My former employer, denied my unemployment. I’d be ok, if it weren’t for that. Can you help me? I’m broke. No money for food or gas. Going crazy not working. About to call it quits. But, I can’t. I got people, counting on me. Like my grandson, he’s 4. I means the world to me. I could use about $2000.00. To get me back, on my feet. Anything, would do. If you could, grant me this wish? It would be a blessing, in disguise. It would take. Alot of weight, off my shoulders. Thanks, for your time and God bless, Carl. (PS) Here’s my e-mail carlanderson414@yahoo.com

    1. I understand that. Still, I like what was implemented by Smudged Cat in Growing Pains. Something like that wo;1u&#82l7dve been perfectly acceptable here. The only real purpose to arcade games like these is to see how far you can get and how big a score you can rack up before you inevitably die. There’s no end. It’s about bragging rights and a game like this would’ve been perfectly suited for a leaderboard of any kind.

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