John TorquatoThis is a simple personal site of John Torquato, an Internet Marketer who have been online earning money since 1996.

John Torquato loves sharing his knowledge and helping people earn money online (and offline!) and have a better life with wellness, money & time saving tips.

Being a friendly person, Torquato gladly answers all messages he receives and use this site to get closer to his readers.

His passions are God, his family, traveling and watching good and entertaining movies.  He also enjoys posting updates on his Twitter account.

You may find interesting articles, videos, tutorials, tips and some random information that John Torquato may place here.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. thank you for the gifts you gave me for free!! their quality is very superior than a lot of things we have to pay for and hey they are free!!!

    thanks again

  2. I’m Michelle from Georgia. I love the law of attraction and try to use it to benefit my finances.

    thank you for such a great book!!

  3. great stuff on your easy $100 online report, never thought about it but im considering doing it soon!

  4. Köszönet. Nekem is szenvedélyem Isten – hiszek a vonzás törvényében
    Isten által!!!

  5. Köszönöm a hozzászólást, Sesztákné. Jó tudni, mi a látogatókat a gyönyör? Magyarország! :)

  6. I feel that not all the money, it is important for health, faith, peace.
    You’re young, smart and clever – They speak to old tried to make money online, but I realized not for me. Ashamed as well!
    Good health, prosperity, you deserve it, because good-hearted you are.

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